GRAND OPENING 31/03/2023

Dear players, we are happy to announce the opening of a new High Five Retail server with a modern interface.

The dream and hope of many players comes true this March L2Athan, the biggest and most successful Lineage 2 game server, opens its doors with the most powerful project campaign of the decade. L2Athan comes with fresh ideas, knowledge and renewed and modern gameplay style, we are ready to offer the whole Lineage 2 community, old and new players, a unique experience, with the combat and fun you missed the last years.

With great features and all the latest updates, go to Features and read more about our content. 

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Dear all, the l2Athan community is pleased to invite all those players who want to relive the true essence of the Lineage2 world, with an innovative experience adapted to our current times. For this reason we want to announce the opening date of the Beta, where you can create your character and test all the new features of the server, we wish you a good stay on the server. 

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Clan Name Clan Leader
GMs Test
Juanitas Aura
LosJefeS Edwinson
Imperial Elisabeth
HighLevel Nelio